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Latest News (or MyBlog)

April 6, 2011: On October 30, 2010 I was hand-fasted to my love, Tilly. It was a wonderful ceremony and enjoyed by all.

August 30, 2010: On July 24, 2010 I began a relationship with a very talented woman. She took my family into her home and we have been happy ever since.

May 4, 2009: Well it would seem I only get around to writing here every couple of years. So here's the latest update. I have a regular route driving for the local school district, I'm still the foreman for my bi-annual job and now will be expanding from local power plants to interstate ones, the first being in PA this fall. It's put a kink in family life, but the kids are very supportive. I think they like the money mom will be making. As for the kids, Sheri is moving to the High School next year as she starts tenth grade. She didn't do so well academically as she could have, social life more important and all, so we'll be making some changes this summer to help her along. Michael is starting to fall behind also, but feels worse about it than Sheri does. Emily is doing wonderfully and is my biggest help around the house. Phillip still is getting into trouble at school but he at least doesn't bring it home. Until next we meet...

August 27, 2007 Addendum: Sheri just got her own site. If you want to see it, click here. You'll have to be a "friend" though 'fore you'll be permitted to see all of it, so only friends and family we know ask permission via "Add Friend" request. Thanks.

August 27, 2007: My goodness how long it has been! Quick update: I'm now a relief bus driver for my local school district which has my Jr. High kids excited to have the possibility of Mom driving their bus to school. I'm about to hit the 1 year mark for a temp job I've loved doing everyday. They offered to make me full time, but I refused because of a bi-annual job I'm very loyal to which starts Oct. 7th and this year I'll be the foreman! Yippee!!! This kids are enjoying school so far as they've told me, though poor Phillip has gotten his first sore throat with fever today. I may have to miss work tomorrow. Such is motherhood. Anyway, take care all until next we meet...

April 19, 2006: Just stopping by to do some maintainence. Nothing new other than Sheri turned 12 last month and I'm about to be 36. Whoa!

January 8, 2006: Today at "On The Border" in Milpitas, CA many friends will be gathering to remember Richard Johnson who passed away December 30, 2005 at the young age of 36. Though unable to be there myself, I know he will be remembered in style by our fellow NJROTC cadets. We miss you RJ!!

December 7, 2005: Sixty-four years ago today, Japan brutally attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. My grandfather served in Hawaii and the Alaskan islands during most of World War 2. I honor him and all veterans of that war and every war proceeding it and following. I am blessed to live in the United States and value my freedom which these men and women gave their , sweat, tears, and lives for. My eternal thanks goes out to them this day and everyday.

As for the family news, Sheri has strep and may get her tonsils out in the next few weeks. Michael was a gentleman at my sister's wedding. He escorted his sister, Emily out on the dance floor and waltzed her around it for several dances. Phillip tried his hand at breakdancing and was truly adorable. Also, Emily and Phillip were baptized into the LDS church on November 26th, "grandpa's" birthday. They are very happy.

October 14, 2005: First off, The kids are really enjoying school this year. Sheri's in band and learning the flute; Michael is in a mentoring program through U of U and loving it; Emily and Phillip went on a field trip to Nine Mile Canyon to study Ancient American pictographs and artifacts... both said they had a blast.

As for me, I just attended a reunion for my high school NJROTC program. Seeing everyone was a tremendous treat. It was wonderful to see we're all still "family" after nearly 20 years.