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These are a collection of photographs I came across a couple years ago. They were taken by photography students at the University of Washington. I've added onto them, including a painting and four of my own photos which are located at the end of this list.

Copyright is reserved by original photographers and/or artists. All photos, except "Midnight Fury", "Canyon Driftwood", "Double Arch", "Hand Canyon", and "Ash Pond" are used WITHOUT permission.

NOTE: The file name of each photograph DOES NOT indicate the location or geographical name of the photo's subject. They are merely the names I've given them for what they remind me of, with the exception of Ayer's Rock, Delicate Arch, El Capitan, Double Arch, and the Ash Pond of Arches National Park. Thanks to Sue Neimoyer, we now know that "The Meadow" is actually Washington State Arboretum in Seattle and that the photo formally titled "Wind Rivers, Wyoming" is actually Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park. See, it helps me if you folks tell me when I've flubbered. So, if you know the true location of a photograph, please write to me.

Ayer's Rock Meadow's Waterfall Delicate Arch El Capitan The Meadow or Washington State Arboretum
An Alaskan Glacier Midnight Fury Lake Catherine The Great Salt Lake The Pacific Ocean
Rose Mountain Millcreek Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park South American or Japanese Farming Terraces Grand Tetons
Mount K2 Discovery Launch from Cape Canaveral Twilight City Strike Wish I knew the Artist!
Last Solar Eclipse of the Millenium Monument Valley Falls in Yellowstone or Yosemite Double Arch, Arches National Park Canyon Driftwood, semi-finalist in International Open Amateur Photography Competition.  My own work.
Hand Canyon. A very famous canyon shot, but this one's my own. The Ash Pond in Arches, one of my favs.
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