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The artwork herein contained is from various artists. All copyrights belong to the original artists, whomever they may be. If you know who the phantom artists are, please tell me. WARNING!: Some of these files are rather large and may take a while to upload.

The first two pieces of work were done, I believe, by the same artist though I no longer remember who that is. The next two pieces were done by someone nicknamed Calyxa, as shown on the pictures themselves. The fifth piece was done by my cousin, Mike Neimoyer using a Halloween photo of myself. The sixth one he revamped to create the seventh one, then added to that to create the eighth work. And finally, some of my own attempts with two being "before" and "after" shots. I like them both equally so I thought I'd ask for feedback to see which of them you folks like. So please write and tell me.

Also here's a few of my own progression shots..

Plus a couple Babylon5 images made with a more advanced graphics program. The dragons are from a website I stumbled upon. I don't know if they were made with Bryce3D, but they sure look like they could've been. And finally a lost scene from the movie "Titanic."

'Hub2' by Unknown Artist 'Ceremony' by Unknown Artist 'Canyon' by Calyxa 'Fungi (1)' by Calyxa 'Portal' by Mike Neimoyer
'Engines' by Mike Neimoyer 'Dreadnought' by Mike Neimoyer 'Nebula' by Mike Neimoyer 'Splashdown' by Sharaya Kai 'Space' by Sharaya Kai
'Sapphire' by Sharaya Kai 'Reconnaissance' by Sharaya Kai 'Fire Island' by Sharaya Kai 'Monument' by Sharaya Kai 'Evening Monument' by Sharaya Kai
'Trial' by Sharaya Kai 'Trial By Water' by Sharaya Kai 'Trial's Moonrise' by Sharaya Kai White Star 1, Cpt. Sheridan's ship And you thought they were gone...
Wisdom, Artist AHD Avarice, Artist AHD Battle, Artist AHD Emerald, Artist AHD Temple Of The Winds, Artist AHD
'Titanic's final scene cut from the movie' Artist Unknown
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